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Speakers, Discussions, Seminars, Coaching, Performances

Arts, Philosophy, Civics, Faith, Science

Curiosity, Joy, Depth, Knowledge, Love

A symposium for you. A Symposium for all.

The Janine Turner Symposium: Hollywood 101 - The Tenacity to Triumph in Life
The Janine Turner Symposium: Hollywood 101 - The Tenacity to Triumph in Life
Oct 21, 2023, 11:00 AM EDT
Webinar | Link Will Be Emailed To You
Janine Turner speaks about her success in the challenging and demoralizing world of show business, and life itself. Lots of stories! Featuring a LIVE Q+A session with Janine Turner. NOTE: Registration for this event is now closed. Please check back for future dates.


Symposium is a beautiful word that has a regal realm. With her spirit she beckons curiosity, discussion, philosophy, passion, education, politics, artistry, science, poetry, faith and intuition. It is with a foundation such as this that I launch my newest, and one of my most exciting, adventures: The Janine Turner Symposium —a meeting place with the rare and resplendent opportunity to embark on adventures of the mind, heart, and soul. The Janine Turner Symposium will host a plethora of events in a myriad of ways: Zoom, Forum, and Theatrical with speakers, question and answer sessions and performances. Every event will be on a unique topic with a format that will be unique. They are to occur at the very least bi-monthly, and private lessons via zoom are also offered. I believe to live is to seek. I believe that joy is in the process and I believe that true genius is generated in humility. Come along with me and let’s climb the staircase of enlightenment!

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