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Janine is a highly acclaimed and sought-after public speaker known for her riveting and inspiring speeches across the country. Reviews for Janine’s speeches include words such as: “Riveting,” “Electrifying,” “Inspirational,” “Witty,” “Impactful,” “Courageous,” “Action Plan,” “Donations Doubled,” “Eloquent,” and “Wow!”

Chris Joiner President of Accordias Healthcare Services said, “While Janine is a very successful and well known actor, I believe that she is a better speaker than actor. When she was acting, she was portraying someone else’s words, thoughts and actions, but when speaking Janine is expressing her own ideas and thoughts, which are eloquent, energetic, and inspirational.”


Audience Member

"Inspirational, funny, real, step-by-step recommendations from life experiences, informative, everything you want from a speaker! One of the best."


"Janine's illuminating address at the 7th Annual Christina Browning 'Key to Recovery' fundraiser hosted by Dilworth Center was nothing short of extraordinary. Her profound insights and genuine compassion truly resonated with the audience, making it a memorable and transformative event for all in attendance."

Anita Perry, First Lady of Texas

"After hearing Janine Turner speak, I felt inspired, touched, motivated and quite frankly in awe. Her speech was riveting."

Board Member

"Janine Turner's keynote address at the 7th annual 'Key to Recovery' Scholarship Fundraiser provided a powerful message of hope and resilience. Her engaging and informative presentation left a lasting impact, solidifying her as a beacon of inspiration for those seeking recovery from addiction."



Anxiety, depression, panic and trauma are key words that currently define the American culture, the American workplace and the American home. Hope is elusive, purpose is veiled, coping skills are nil. Mental health is a nationwide epidemic this is spiraling out of control. Through her own desperation, humility and curiosity, Janine has journeyed from hurting, (ADPT: anxiety, depression, panic and trauma), to healing, (HHIP: hope, happiness, inspiration and purpose) and has defined the source of such recovery in her new book, The Pivot Principle, Finding Joy in Despair. Having emerged on the other side of darkness, Janine has embarked on a nationwide tour to share her experience, strength and inspiration—to teach others how to find their joy, to realize that tomorrow is a new day, and to never give up before the miracle.

Actress, Author, Motivator and Entrepreneur Janine Turner has an inspirational speech that can fit any forum. In Ten Steps to Triumph Janine motivates by sharing her Hollywood war stories and how she overcame harrowing, humiliating professional and personal challenges.

From a broken engagement to Alec Baldwin to finding sobriety at age twenty-three, from hearing thousands of no’s and having only $8 left in her pocket to becoming a three-time Golden Globe and Emmy nominee, from single motherhood to reinventing herself and her career mid-life, from actress to author, from radio show host to public speaker, from producing movies to running a foundation – Janine applies her brilliant business sense, dogged determination and Ten Steps to Triumph to any situation. She has motivated male and female audiences in the corporate workforce, women in the workplace, working mothers, those craving a balanced work and personal life, healthcare advocates, heart health enthusiasts, fitness gurus, the faithful, and those dealing with depression and/or seeking sobriety. She not only uses her life experiences but she is a two time published author, and columnist and draws from both of her published books: A Little Bit Vulnerable (Dunham Books) and Holding Her Head High (Thomas Nelson). Unlike most speakers who have a singular niche, Janine inspires with many, and she has given literally hundreds of speeches all over the country with high praise.

Janine’s Ten Steps to Triumph speech includes a colorful Power Point with charts and never before seen behind-the-scenes photos. The Steps are: Defining Your Own Destiny, Listen for Your Higher Calling, Dare to Dream, Turn Tribulations into Triumphs, Go the Extra Mile, Don’t Give Up Before the Miracle, Managing the Moments, (coping skills), Persevere with Praise, Heal with Humor and Soar on Eagle’s Wings.



Millions of Americans struggle with drug and alcohol dependency. At a time when a faltering economy, high unemployment, and national security threats heighten the stress and anxiety felt by many Americans, substance abuse issues can become more prevalent, causing individuals to spiral out of control, destroying lives and families through a never-ending cycle of dysfunction, denial, and violence.

Yet substance abuse is by no means a modern problem. Passages from the Bible recount the destructive influence alcohol can have on a person’s ability to maintain healthy, loving relationships. As a recovering alcoholic with two decades of sobriety, Janine Turner discusses her own battle with alcoholism while sharing a powerful and inspiring message of hope and faith that substance abuse can be successfully conquered.

Janine Turner is brave. She speaks her mind about the state of the country and her desire to preserve its founding principles. Janine has used the celebrity status from her remarkable career as a three-time Golden Globe and Emmy nominee to become a highly sought after political public speaker.

She has given hundreds of inspiring and thought provoking speeches to all ages and to all types of venues - from elementary schools to American Universities, from the Boy Scouts to Adult Leadership Conferences. Janine is founder and co-chair of Constituting America which uses a multi-tiered approach to affect the culture, and along with her radio show, her published columns, (The Washington Times, The Washington Examiner) and her regular appearances as a pundit, Janine’s sharp political analysis is in high demand. Janine is a two time published author and her most recent book, A Little Bit Vulnerable, (Dunham Books), includes her essays on the Federalist Papers, a collection of her published opinion-editorials, her radio show interviews with political figures and her popular petition, The Truth Act – an outline to reduce the page numbers of federally legislated bills. She has co-authored an intriguing corresponding white paper on the topic for Constituting America which provides fascinating statistics on the history of the United States Congress’ bills. Whether it’s Janine’s keen current application of the founding documents or a timely inspirational political perspective, Janine Turner delivers.

Oh, and it must be a generational thing: Janine is related to George Washington, is a daughter of the American Revolution, her greats fought in the Civil War and World World II, her father was a West Point Graduate and Air Force hero and her teenage daughter, Juliette, is the best selling published author, (Harper Collins Zondervan), of Our Constitution Rocks, used in classroom across America, and Our Presidents Rock.



This is the cornerstone of Janine Turner’s life: faith in God, recognizing God’s purpose for her life, honoring God’s inherent destiny that is borne into all individuals, and to not give up before the miracle. Janine also believes that the answer to the division that is permeating our society today is from a lack of seeking, accepting and sharing God’s essence—love. Without love, and self-love, one cannot have charity, respect for others, and empathy. Janine has been an evergreen advocate for faith with her God on the Go podcast and in her five faith-filled published books. The Pivot Principle, Finding Joy in Despair, (CES) Holding Her Head High (Harper Collins/Thomas Nelson ), A Little Bit Vulnerable, (Putnam Books) Artificial Intelligentsia vs Common Sense, (RSP) and Wisdom for Each Day, (RSP). Though Janine has had a seemingly glamorous and successful Hollywood career, she has been through many trials of trauma. It was through these times that God placed upon Janine’s heart the words, “don’t let anyone put out your flame.” She has learned that, “it is within humility, not hubris, that one’s true genius, purpose of life, is generated,” and that “curiosity is the cousin of humility.” Janine shares how she has turned tribulations into triumphs by reaching up for the hand of God, and that the only true success in life, and the one worth living, is the one rooted in love and service.

Perhaps best known for her role as Maggie O’Connell on the popular 90s television show Northern Exposure, Turner has since starred in such series as Strong Medicine and Friday Night Lights. Though she has led an accomplished career in front of the camera, she is now turning her efforts off-screen to raise awareness of heart disease and to promote healthy lifestyle choices.

Living with Premature Ventricular Contraction (PVC) and a hole in her heart, Turner carries with her a family history of congestive heart failure. A proponent for healthy living, she emphasizes the importance of taking care of your heart by taking care of yourself.



In this presentation, Janine shares her family's experience with the disease and the importance of continued work by everyone to support cancer survivors. Janine’s personal connection begins with her mother, who is a breast cancer survivor, and sister-in-law's mother, who had to undergo a mastectomy and is a survivor. Unfortunately, Janine and her family experienced the worst side of cancer when they lost their great aunt to the disease. Janine’s family handled the cancer diagnosis together, as a family. She stood by her mother during radiation therapy sessions and encouraged her mother to be part of a major study, a clinical trial. Janine’s mother, Janice, participated in the study in order to be of service to others with breast cancer. Having stood close by, Janine took the journey of discovery, fear, surgery and recuperation with all the strong women in her family. She speaks intimately about her family’s experience while providing inspiration and hope for the future.

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