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Janine Turner is a three time Golden Globe and Emmy nominated actress for Best Actress, known for the hit CBS television series Northern Exposure, the blockbuster movie, Cliffhanger, with Sylvester Stallone and Universal’s Leave it to Beaver. She has also starred in many series: Lifetime’s (with Whoopi Goldberg) Strong Medicine, and NBC’s, Friday Night Lights, among others. She has co-starred in movies with Richard Gere, Tom Wilkinson and Anthony Hopkins, and recently starred in, Patsy & Loretta, for Lifetime, Taking the Reins, for Hallmark and Birthright, for Sony/Affirm, due for an October release. Northern Exposure is currently in rerelease, distributing worldwide in countries such as: Spain, Asia, Australia, Canada and Malaysia, with an imminent re-release in USA. Cliffhanger is poised for a sequel.  

Janine is currently living in NYC and is Broadway bound with her musical Just Call Me Belva! for which she is the playwright/ lyricist and also the star. Just Call Me Belva! has had successful performances in N.Y.C. at Pearl Studios.


Belva Lockwood was a strong woman, and a single mother, who overcame her own trials and tribulations, breaking glass ceilings from 1830-1917. She was the first woman admitted to the bar of the United States Supreme Court, after fighting for it for five years, and was the first woman to run for President of the United States, actually on the Presidential ballot in 1884 and 1888.  


Janine is a prolific writer. She has five  published books: The Pivot Principle, Finding Joy in Despair, (CES) Holding Her Head High: 12 Single Mothers Who Championed Their Children and Changed History,  (Thomas Nelson), A Little Bit Vulnerable, (Putnam Books), Wisdom for Each Day, and Artificial Intelligentsia vs Primal Sense. (RSP)  


In addition, Janine has written several dozen published editorials, and has given over 600 speeches nationwide as a motivational speaker, and to students across America through her foundation, Constituting America.  Janine’s daughter, Juliette, has three published books published by Harper Collins/Zondervan. She wrote them while being homeschooled by Janine in seventh grade. She is currently a rising 3L at Harvard Law School.




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