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  • Janine Turner

Einstein, Aging, and Our Spirits

I am sixty years old now. Sixty. I chuckle when I think about how old and how mature I thought and expected sixty year olds to be when I was younger—when I was five, twenty, thirty, forty years of age. Ah, but time has a way of chiseling a child’s eye view. I currently perspective aging in a completely different light. My face may look older but my spirit, the me that resonates within my shell of earthen chamber, feels the same. Have you ever thought about that? I am becoming keenly aware of the evergreen aspect of my essence. My spirit doesn’t feel old, or shall I say, “older.” (We all know that sixty is the new thirty.)

This reasoning awakens an easy parlay to philosophy, faith and metaphysics—the spirit is everlasting. If the spirit doesn’t age within us, then the spirit is truly eternal. Thus, we shouldn’t fear aging because our soul is ageless. All of my life I have been saying, “It is an inside job. It is all about the spirit.” Now, I have truly arrived at this juncture. As I watch my face age, yet conversely feel the vibrancy of an inner essence remaining steadfast, I harken to not only the eternity of the spirit but to the power of it.

It is spirit that is given to us by (what I believe) God. It is spirit that, like heaven, has no concept of time. It is our spirits that continually seek connection to our ultimate source. It is spirit that shines through our eyes. It is spirit that permeates our thoughts. Thus, our thoughts have immense influence for ourselves and for others.

In order to be in touch with this awesome gift from God of spirit-self, it is important to curb the humanity of our tangible environment—the body, the brain. We have become most keen as a society as to what we feed ourselves and how it affects our health—the health of our outer shells. What about what we feed our spirit? What intake is flowing into the delicacies and purities of our everlasting entity? This is, “food for thought.” Is it not? Impurities cannot taint our spirits but it can shroud them. Clouds can rain upon the sunshine of our source.

What sources these clouds of shroud? Pride, fear, stubbornness, self-will can block the light of spirit. Through many hard fought life lessons, I have learned that humility is the key to life. It is thought humility that our souls take flight. I touch upon this topic in my new book, The Pivot Principle—Finding Joy in Despair.

It is always through my darkest times that I have learned the most. It has

not been an easy process. I have had to grope, gravel, seek and seize for these elusive discernments and stubborn wisdoms. I have had to heal through humility. Ironically, it is within humility, not hubris, that one’s true genius, purpose of life, is generated. Curiosity is the cousin of humility. Asking why, being open to intuition and the dialectic of reasoning, results in inspiring insights, and yields a humble happiness—a healing based on the perpetual acceptance of human fallibility.

Ironically, I am infatuated with humility. It is through humility and curiosity that I get to peer inside the secrets of wisdom. I much prefer this exhilarating freedom rather the dungeon of my pride and self-seeking. Curiosity is great fun!

In closing, our spirits are supernatural and timeless. The kind of timeless Einstein talks about in space. We have that wonder within our own inner self. Isn’t this exciting! As a bonus, we are forever young after all! I close with a poem from my new book on this topic, and the topics of our thoughts. What we think, what we think about ourselves and others, has a profound impact on the outcomes of our relationships, our outcomes and our lives.

Have a blessed day! And come join me on this topic Saturday, October 21, 11:00AM ET-12:30PM ET. There will be a live on camera question and answer session!

There is a Me Within My Mind There is a me within my mind

That thinks and talks

Advance, rewind

It never ceases Always spins

Constantly begins again

To think upon this state of be

Mostly unaware To see Or feel, or hear

Its like an Odyssey

Of Iliad —and thee

You’re there In my space

Eternal, perpetual

—An Entity

When I think Do I note the pace The irreverent lack of noted waste

Of power More than nuclear or gasoline A purposed plan, a revved machine

In my head, like you, like I We chitter chatter, by and by

Instead of harnessing the radiant

Be To import truth like fantasy

What I tell myself all day

Am I kind or master mad

I can twist to Lighter lines

That render wonder

Every time

I will listen

To my voice

And recognize what is I The choice Between the me that’s meant to see

I have a beauteous destiny

Will I claim Or forfeit truth To the slithering, sloppy, sickening sleuth

Who takes control And changes tone To validate the whispered drone Of disbelief Reptilian rogue Begetting dread and winning vogue A fashion amongst the reverie Vampire of the victory

I must restrain and feel the gain

With words that whisper In the main Claiming chamber of my charge

That sparks the course Grand and large Intended, splendid, miraculous Seeds That bloom to height of wondrous deeds

It’s in the me, the I, the try

Will I linger and belie The journey of intended why

Inside is choice Rejoice to hear The voice of power Beyond the grave That relegates the gift He gave To challenge norms and step the stay

It’s all in what I choose to say To myself Throughout the day.

Janine Turner, The Pivot Principle—Finding Joy in Despair

(Available on Amazon or click the button on my home page)

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